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Snowboarder Flying High , Saving money

Fly into 2024 

With a Magna6 review

The past three years have seen unprecedented times with many businesses forced to evolve quickly to survive - So well done you made it ! 

     On to the next challenge 


 Magna6 utilise our team of consultants and delivery  partners to help  your continued evolution and ensure you keep pace with the changing world of technology getting the right services at the right cost whether its Telephony - Broadband - Hosted IT - Merchant Services - Business Mobile or Energy Provision our clients enjoy reduced costs from world class providers.

Health Check 25
Business Evolution Magna6

Is your Business Ready for 2025 ? 

Not since the turn of the millennium has the world of technology faced such a defining deadline as the Network switch off planned for the end of 2025 - 


Magna6 are offering a Free of Charge Health Check 25 to help you make the best of the change. click here to reserve your space

Value Review 
Happy Office Staff

We live in times of innovation , the pace of change in technology has never been swifter - what was good value and leading edge 2 years ago is no longer cost effective Magna6 offer a Free of Charge Review in 6  key business areas to make sure you are getting best value.

click here to request a review 

Our Services
Business Choices

Our team of consultants and delivery partners are specialists in their own fields - Telephony - IT Services - Broadband - Business Mobile - Merchant Services - Power. Contact us to arrange a consultation . Enhanced Service - Cost Efficiencies

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