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Whether you are looking to use a cloud based solution or need onsite switch our partners deliver best of breed solutions from the market leaders - put us to the test with the 1st 3 Months Cloud Based solution on us - That's your first 3 Months for Free.
We partner with the leading bandwidth providers to ensure you make the right connections - Reliability of service is paramount a disconnected is a disconnected Business ! Ask us about Broadband Back-up and stay connected.  
Merchant Services
For too long this marketplace has been a monopoly with high rates hitting the bottom line across many business sectors - whether you are taking payments face to face or online we can ensure you are getting the rates and exemplary service.

Low cost engergy
We are well connected - with partners in the leading networks we can offer multi network contracts under one contract to make sure coverage and connections for all your people.
Full Audit – of the whole of market provided free of charge
We've got the power -  The energy panel will analyse your usage and leverage our buying power to get the best rate possible , we monitor the marketplace ongoing to keep your rate competitive.  
Audits between now and year end receive 1 months FREE ENERGY
IT Services
               Imagine IT !
Proactive Monitoring & Alerting
Unlimited Support – Simply log as many tickets as you need, your contract allows an unlimited use of our Technical Helpdesk
Unlimited Advice – lean on our expertise to ensure your next IT purchase is right
Predictable Pricing – Fixed pricing per device making costs predicable
Flexibility Pricing Model – ability to increase / reduce users as needed

Layered Approach to IT Security, covering all different aspects of IT Security:

As Magna6 are supplier agnostic, we can offer what we believe to be  the most appropriate solution for your business, regardless of the provider.
Contact us  to book a           Consultation.
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